Welcome to Julia African Safaris! Born in 2013, we are specialist Tanzanian operators offering both cultural and wildlife safaris to all national parks and game reserves in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, including the famed Mt Kilimanjaro. We also offer excursions to the Spice Islands of Zanzibar, Pemba and Unguja. The independent and privately owned Limited Liability Company, is dedicated solely to devising the finest holidays that this breathtaking part of the world has to offer. The number of days of your safari will differ according to your needs and destination. Ranging from standard to premium, our accommodation styles are designed to suit your budget – and we are here to tailor-make an ultimate experience trip based on your needs.

Based in Arusha Tanzania, we have over 10 years of experience creating tailor-made itineraries to suit group and private tours. Our in-depth knowledge allows us to provide clear and impartial advice on all aspects of your planned holiday and for some, their honeymoon.

We only feature tours and accommodation we can truthfully recommend, and we only enter into partnerships with suppliers we believe in.

As a whole, we provide a comprehensive, impartial service that costs you far less than if you were to book indirect, which is why we provide this personalized service to give you exactly what you want at an affordable prices.

Experienced Safari Driver Guides

With such vast experience in leading Safaris throughout Tanzania, we have grown a knowledgeable & skillful team of staff to make your trip extra special and unforgettable. Our safari driver guides are fluent in English, German, Italian, French and Spanish and are all trained professionals committed to offering you the most intriguing and informative Tanzanian safari experience. They are expert game trackers with extensive knowledge about wildlife, geography, flora and fauna and can offer an insightful awareness of the people, their history and culture. Above all, our guides possess a sincere respect and appreciation for the environment, the animal life, and the natural wonders that make Tanzania the amazing place that it is. Our guides are very well disciplined, polite, careful & love their work.

It is worth mentioning too, that our mountain guides and porters who are arguably the most important aspect of a trek… that without their sternness on your pace, their coordination with the other crew, their encouragement when you so much feel like quitting, their hand on your shoulder when you feel sick or their bright smile when you are at the summit…. your trek would not be as enjoyable without them. This is what makes Julia African Safaris different – we care about delivering an amazing, personal experience.

Our Travel Services Team

The company travel services team is also constantly being expanded to meet the needs of our growing client base. We look for people who are able to provide our travellers with a seamless vacation. They need to have an extremely high level of destination and product knowledge, provide a consistently superb level of service to our clients and, of course, have plenty of Tanzanian travel experience in order to be considered as a destination manager for our company.

Having a wealth of information on Tanzania travel, our consultants discuss all alternatives for your holiday with the help of photographs and brochures. In this way, and with your help, we are able to design the ideal itinerary just for you.

Our Quotations

We can quote and discuss all options and possibilities with you through email or telephone. Please look through the detailed information within this site. Thereafter we strongly recommend that you email us to discuss your plans further, and we will talk you through the various options. Our quote response policy is less than 12hrs.

All our itineraries are tailored or custom made – your timings are only limited by international flight schedules – and your imagination.

Now let’s plan your Amazing African Adventure Together!