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  • Where is Tanzania Located?
  • What is the climate in Tanzania?
  • Why is Tanzania the best safari destination?
  • When is the best time of year to go on safari in Tanzania?
  • What about time in Tanzania?
  • Is Tanzania a safe country?
  • Can I use ATM to draw money?

Where is Tanzania Located?

Tanzania is located in East Africa between longitude, 29 degrees and 41 degrees east and latitude 1 degree and 12 degrees south. Tanzania borders Kenya to the north, Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west, and Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique to the south, and is the largest country in East Africa (943,000 sq km), comprising both the mainland and the Zanzibar Archipelago.

A large central plateau makes up most of the mainland (at between 900m and 1800m) and the mountain ranges of the Eastern Arc and the Southern and Northern Highlands cut across the country to form part of the Great Rift Valley.

What is the climate in Tanzania?

As Tanzania lies just south of the equator, there is little seasonal variation in temperature, but it is slightly cooler in June/July and warmer in January and February. There is much more variation between the coastal and low lying regions and the high plains and mountainous regions.

There are two rainy seasons – the long rains during late March and late May and the short rains in November. The remaining months are categorized as dry season. In practice, the rainfall pattern is neither regular nor predictable.

The Great Northern Parks lie at an altitude of 5,000 to 19.340 feet, Kilimanjaro being the highest has a pleasant climate with warm days and cooler evenings year round.

Between June and October, temperatures range from around 10°C in the northern highlands to about 23°C on the coast. On the plains and the lower-altitude game reserves, the temperatures from June to October are warm and mild. On the coast, these months are some of the most pleasant to visit, with balmy, sunny weather much of the day and cooling ocean breezes at night. From December to March, the days are hot and sunny with often not even a cloud in the sky. Temperatures range from the mid-twenties to the low thirties throughout the country while visitors flock to the parks and beaches to escape the dreariness of late winter in colder times.

Why is Tanzania the best safari destination?

If your primary reason for travelling to Africa is to experience an abundance of African wildlife in unspoiled wilderness, then Tanzania should be your destination of choice. Tanzania protects over 30% of its land through national parks and reserves, more than any other country on the continent. You simply cannot beat the wildlife concentrations found in Tanzania.

The parks and wildlife reserves of Tanzania are inhabited by vast herds of wildebeest spread out across the Serengeti savanna, huge populations of elephant and buffalo, as well as plains game and their predators. All these animals interact and roam freely, the same as they have for thousands of years. Here you’ll witness an incredible diversity of ecology and will find the vegetation and bird life as fascinating as the big game.

Tanzania is home to 90% of the film series’ produced on African animals. Tanzania also boasts a remarkable number of World Heritage Sites including Serengeti National Park, Kilimanjaro National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Selous Game Reserve (this reserve alone is the size of Denmark), Kilwa Kisiwani and the Songo Mnara Ruins.

When is the best time of year to go on safari in Tanzania?

Anytime is a great time to be on safari in Tanzania. April tends to be rainy, but for the more adventurous travelers, we can arrange a custom safari for you during that time as we adjust our safari itineraries to take advantage of the best possible game viewing in accordance with the seasonal concentrations of wildlife.

What about time in Tanzania?

3 Hrs. + GMT

Is Tanzania a safe country?

Tanzania is one of the safest countries to travel in. Tanzanians are kind and generous people and are eager to help visitors get the most out of their stay. Tanzania is a true example of tolerance and cooperation in our modern world, with an evidenced multicultural diversity that has co-existed for centuries and has a lot to offer the world by its example.

However, as in all countries in the world, a little common sense goes a long way and rational precautions should still be taken, such as locking valuables in the hotel safe, which frees your mind to soak up the natural beauty and incredible insights.

Tanzania is one of Africa’s most stable countries, where you’ll receive a warm welcome from its gracious people. Every care is taken to ensure your health and safety on safari.

Can I use ATM to draw money?

Today, there are a number of ATM machines around and banks are widely expanding the service. However, it may not be very reliable to expect a certain ATM as sometimes they are not working especially when you are in a more remote area. In cities there is a good number of ATM machines and here is where you should draw your money before starting your safari. Be careful as in some small towns you may find there are no ATM machines so get well prepared with enough cash as needed before you move. Note that when drawing money from ATM machines you will get the money in Tanzanian Shilling and not otherwise. Please contact your bank for service fees expected when withdrawing money in Tanzania.

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